Dovetail Industries
Brand Development and Logotype Design.
About the project
Dovetail Industries Inc. is a brand new company (est. 2018) dedicated to provide IT system services   for companies in DFW. 

The client only requested a logo design, but during the discovery stage of the project I considered that my responsibility was also to explain that the brand and its core values were critical for his business' success. Kindly, he accepted my advice and willingly took direction from my expertise. With all this established we went to the conceptualization stage.
The problem and the solution
Under clear direction, the challenge became adapting the initials D, T and I in a single and clear concept. Before sketching any idea, it's necessary to define the problem. 

The client expressed desire to name the company Dovetail Industries making reference to the dovetail joint used in high-skill woodwork. This joint is particular because of its complexity and precision. No need for glue or nails, the joint finds its strength in the joint. Dovetail Industries uses this as a symbol of teamwork, communication and strength.

To evoke all the values and attributes of the brand the design is three symbols together aligned in a horizontal (landscape) layout. 

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Designer: Eder Enciso | e49 Creative Co.

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