Before anything else, I'm a husband to my sweet wife and father to four beautiful babies. They are my happiness, motivation and reason to live. 

At an early age you could find me drawing or playing with paint and colors. I come from a family of artists and designers, many of which gave council and inspired me to create and have fun by doing it.
I enjoy design, but another passion of mine is the business creation/administration. I began selling t-shirts with my designs since I was 14 (around that time less technology was available than now a days, I even worked only with Microsoft Paint and Word) I learned to solve problems, find alternatives and avoid excuses.
I founded a Entropia Skate Co. at age sixteen and at seventeen a professor referred me to a small editorial firm and began working as a junior editorial designer. I went to college and graduated as a graphic designer.
Now as founder of e49 Creative Company I specialize in crafting brands and identity design.
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