Alexander's Auto Sales
Brand strategy and Identity design
Alexander's Auto sales serve the Houston area by providing services of car maintenance, repairs and car sales. They count with a team of masters that get the job done fast and with quality which has been the reason of their growth over the years.

When the president contact us to create a new logo a challenge appeared –the name was too long. After some conversations and behavior and name-retention study, simplifying to ALX was the better approach. This allowed us to create a series of concepts and monograms to better represent the mark and the excellent work this company has to offer.
From left to right you can appreciate versions of the logo-mark designed. Single color version mostly used on web devices that require a high contrast and boldness to be easily recognized (ie. mobile applications.) The middle design is an emblem, mostly used for official branding purposes, signage, advertisements, collaterals and letterheads. The third version (far right)  mostly used for vehicles and advertisement that require the mark to be presented in horizontal format (see flag below).
Nothing makes sense if the business image is not focused on the user, customer or client. The logo brand now highlights better the quality of the work and benefits you as clients will obtain and therefore, remember.

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Designer: Eder Enciso | e49 Creative Co.

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